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The Association “A Gonfie Vele” has been founded by a group of friends, and wants to be an active presence in our territory, with an ambitious project .

Our project is the strong invitation to meet other PEOPLE: adults, seniors , young people often united by the desire to do more for themselves and the community .

Today’s society is overloaded with fears, some justified, others born as the result of ignorance, insecurity, prejudice, therefore preventing people from fully living and pursuing their dreams.

The Association aims to promote social and cultural activities, especially involving young people. For this reason the Association “A Gonfie Vele” offers an ambitious project where different cultures can meet each others.

Culture means growth, both for individuals and society .

A population’ culture is the main source of its society and, therefore, of its quality of life. As a consequence, confrontation and exchange between populations can act as a positive driver in respect to this.

The adventure in which we engage with passion and optimism is really a challenge, that we can only win with the cooperation of all institutions, partners, associations and individuals.

We believe that, if the resource is the encounter with other people and the challenge is to share our luggage, it does not matter the latitude or the situation, what it matters is to answer “here” and “now ” to the question that always humanity arises: “What is the meaning of my life and whom should I spend it for?”

Tenacity and true devotion are not lacking, and this is the endless currency in our bet for success.