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To carry on our projects, the Week Of the World as well as all other initiatives connected to multiculturalism and mutual knowledge, dedicated mainly to young people, but also involving other age gropus, we work with several partners, each one supporting us in a specific way and contributing to the success of our projects.



A special mention deserves to be spent about the strong relationship and close cooperation with the PIME FOUNDATION, a key partner since the very beginning of this journey, that every year strongly help us creating contents and activities for the Week Of the World.

  • FOUNDATION PIME ONLUS  Connected to PIME missionaries through the office for education to globality, this foundation offers cultural initiatives inspired by the themes of interculturality, responsible economy, education to citizenship and dialogue, for children, adults, groups, as well as materials and tools for educators and teachers . Every year about 70,000 people take part in its activities.

Last but not least , important along our path is the contribution of parish communities closest to us, who are especially engaged in helping us hosting the kids during the Week.